The Publication Plan

I have a very demanding boss.

He has required me to develop the workflow system for three publication channels: The Free Market Center Journal, Language and Logic on Substack, and The Free Market Center. He had me gather nearly 2,000 notes and draft documents to publish on these channels eventually. Now he expects me to complete and publish articles on a regular schedule.

I have decided to publish a preliminary schedule for The Free Market Center Journal and Substack. (I hope he does not notice when I publish this article on The Free Market Center Journal and Substack the same day.)

The Free Market Center Journal

I will publish articles related to the principles, theories, and values of free markets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I do not intend for these articles to convince you of anything. I offer them as one side of a dialogue (not as a debate.)


I will publish a short newsletter article daily. Although wide-ranging, these articles will stick to this site’s theme: Using language and logic to develop Clear Thinking. Later I will periodically add longer articles.

The Free Market Center

Articles published on The Free Market Center will cover many of the same subjects addressed on The Free Market Center Journal but in far more depth.

Other projects

My boss also wants me to maintain links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Oh, I have failed to mention the blog and the website devoted to photography.

I cannot complain too much because he gives me plenty of opportunities to bike and photograph.

I do have to take a little care about complaining too much about “the boss,” for he is I.

See you in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

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