This page contains links to some of my other websites. All of these links will open webpages in a separate tab.

Free Markets and Commentary

The links below will take you to 1) my main site dedicated to free markets and 2) another blog dedicated to general commentary. I will add links to sites by other authors whose content I find compatible with my own.

The Free Market Center

The Free Market Center Journal acts as an active supplement to The Free Market Center website.

I want to publish more topical content on The Journal. Many of my posts on The Journal will refer to more enduring concepts. Some of those concepts, which I can explain in brief articles, I will publish in other sections of this blog site. I will publish articles that require more detail on The Free Market Center website.

The Berger Memoranda

Occasionally, I want to make comments about things outside the scope of free markets — which by itself is very broad. Those comments I will post on my other blog site The Berger Memoranda.


I began taking photographs many decades ago. I have continued to follow the development of photography from film to digital. I have recently decided to become more serious about my photography and I have opened a couple of websites devoted to photography.

J. B. Berger Photography Blog

This link takes you to my photography blog site, which I have titled J. B. Berger Photography Blog. This blog supplements what will be my main photography site, which I have titled J. B. Berger Photography (see link below).

J. B. Berger Photography

This link will take you to my main photography site – J. B. Berger Photography. I plan to post my best photographs on this site and offer them for sale to visitors interested.

This site needs a lot of cleanup but feel free to have a look around right now.

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