Free markets need a voice of their own.

The complexity of markets makes them difficult to comprehend and explain. This journal will keep the conversation open so that together we can discover the advantages of markets free from intervention.

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I am currently in the process of updating my entire blog site. I have decided to use a fixed homepage and put my blog posts under a separate link that I have titled The Journal (Blog).

The menu will also include for other links:

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Summary of the guiding ideas of The Free Market Center Journal.


The purpose of The Free Market Center Journal consists of eliminating ignorance and misinformation about free markets by clearly defining the principles, theories, and values governing free markets.


  • Life – Every individual has a right to life.
  • Liberty – Every individual has the freedom to act based on his personal preferences as long as he does not impede the freedom of other individuals.
  • Property – Every individual has a right to own his own body and the fruits of his own labor.


  • Subjective Value – The subject preferences of individuals provide the only source and measure of economic value. (Distinct from the principle that economic value exists.)
  • Exchange – Why and how individuals trade their property to satisfy their wants.


  • Value – All goods have value. The theory of value explains the source and measure of that value.
  • Individualism – Like all organisms, humans have a discrete nature. They exist as individuals, separate from all other individuals.
  • Action – Humans always act in their own best interests.
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The Free Market Center

The Free Market Center Journal acts as an active supplement to The Free Market Center website.

I want publish more topical content on The Journal. Many of my posts on The Journal will refer to more enduring concepts. Some of those concepts, which I can explain in brief articles, I will publish in other sections of this blog site. I will publish articles that require more detail on The Free Market Center website (opens in separate tab).

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