Humans cannot be part of a collective. They must accept their individualism and responsibility for their actions.

Describing Individualism

The term individualism describes a metaphysical fact rather than a philosophical principle. Humans cannot give up their individuality. Despite what the collectivists would like you to believe, you will never be an inseparable part of a larger body.

Despite the undeniability of individualism, we must emphasize the concept when we think about economics, free markets, and politics because some people don’t seem to recognize the fact of individualism. Whatever actions an individual takes, responsibility belongs to that individual and that individual alone. Claiming that some outside influence forced one to act only denies reality. We may take action to avoid a negative influence, but we still take that action. We cannot abdicate responsibility for what we do.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of the principle of individualism. Pointing to someone or something else as responsible for our actions cannot absolve us of personal responsibility.

Some people object to the concept of individuality or individualism because they equate it with isolation. Accepting your individuality does not, by necessity, isolate you. It puts you in charge of choosing your relationships: the people with whom you socialize and the people and businesses with whom you do business.


Next time you have a temptation to say, “He made me do it,” think about the inalienability of your individualism. You always choose what actions you take.

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