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After many more months than I planned, I am returning to posting on The Free Market Center Journal.

I have adopted a new design for The Free Market Center Journal because I felt that the previous design distracted from the messages. Also, I plan to post short daily messages that I will refer to ask The Daily Journal.

Later I will post more detailed messages on a semi-regular basis. I will post topics that require even more extensive explanation on my main website, The Free Market Center.

I encourage you to read The Daily Journal because the subject matter plays a more significant part in your life than you may realize. Academics and politicians have attempted to sell the idea that only they have the capability of understanding economics. I will argue that you understand more about Free Markets than do any of these “talking heads,” and you need to know that only you should have responsibility for your actions in the market. It is no accident that Ludwig von Mises tilted his economics” tome Human Action.

I have a lot of material that I wish to cover over the next days, weeks, and months. To give you an idea of the number of topics I want to address, I have attached below an image of the graph view from my Obsidian vault, which I use to keep track of my writing notes. Each dot represents a topic (those around the edge will find connections as I write).

I will appreciate any constructive comments. Although I will not respond directly to comments, I will read them all. Comments about form I will take into consideration when attempting to improve the site. Comments regarding content I will address in future posts. Do me the favor of providing assumptions supporting criticisms about content.

Jim Berger

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