Response to Coronavirus

The coronavirus has not caused lost jobs, closed businesses, restricted air travel, and many other adverse economic effects. Responses to the coronavirus have caused these effects. Were those responses appropriate? We may never know. Responses due to market intervention have been substantially different than they would have occurred in a free market. Introduction To properly … Continue reading Response to Coronavirus

A Triumph for Tyranny

Introduction In 1831 Alexis de Tocqueville, along with his companion Gustave de Beaumont, traveled from France to the United States for — ironically — studying the U.S. prison system. Democracy in America, the book in which he recorded his observations from his nine-month tour, has provided background for many discussions about democracy even to this … Continue reading A Triumph for Tyranny

Climate, Freedom, & Money

Introduction “Climate change” represents the crisis de jure. We have no choice but to accept that human activity has created a crisis level of change in the climate of the world. To deal with this crisis, we must implement an unprecedented level of government intervention. The complexity of this subject boggles the mind. How do … Continue reading Climate, Freedom, & Money

The Politics of Socialism

Even if you’re willing to ignore the economic costs, socialism brings a political cost most people — particularly in America — would find unacceptable. Socialism eventually leads to the loss of liberty and tyranny. In previous posts, I've explained the impracticality of socialism as an economic system. We cannot deliver full value to workers when … Continue reading The Politics of Socialism

National Debt Burden

Pundits, inside and outside of government, make a big deal out of the problems of national debt. Before you understand the problem of national debt you must understand the truth behind what they say about national debt. Having the federal government borrow money to finance its operation does not really amount to the large problem … Continue reading National Debt Burden

Healthcare Economics

Government involvement in "healthcare" provides startling example of an incredible waste of resources that no one seems to notice. It shows how a current benefit causes a long-term drag on the economy. In my last post I pointed out how a vote for government amounts to a vote for economic inefficiency. In this post I … Continue reading Healthcare Economics

Election Day

Your vote today supports theft, tyranny, and disaster. When you cast your vote today, think about what you have really done. You have really abdicated your responsibility for your life, liberty, and happiness, in favor of authorizing theft, tyranny, and disaster. You probably feel like you've done the responsible thing. Your friends, family, the Hollywood … Continue reading Election Day

Federal Fiance Made Easy

It never ceases to amaze me how people misunderstand the process of financing the federal government. The ridiculous economic stimulus programs that the government frequently adopts provide just one example. I thought that a simple explanation of the dynamics of government finance would help readers understand how this system works. How the Government Spends Money … Continue reading Federal Fiance Made Easy