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Socialist Billionaires

Yesterday I argued that, in a free-market, entrepreneurs become billionaires by giving three groups of people what they prefer over what they have to give up. 1) Investors get an ownership share in a successful enterprise, 2) Suppliers get money for the plant, equipment, and labor they provide, and 3) Consumers get goods and services … Continue reading Socialist Billionaires

Free-Market Billionaires

Bashing billionaires seems to have become quite popular these days. Most of the current Democrat candidates attack billionaires in one way of the other. Led by Bernie Sanders and followed by the rest of the candidates, including the two billionaires, they all want to tax billionaires in order to support their favorite causes. According to … Continue reading Free-Market Billionaires

Wage Slavery Part 2: Worker Control

I continue my comments about “wage slavery” by addressing a common complaint from socialists about working conditions. The advocates of socialism claim that workers should have more control over their work environment and also have some ownership in the businesses for which they work. They include the desire to receive some of the “excess value” … Continue reading Wage Slavery Part 2: Worker Control

Wage Slavery

Advocates of socialism frequently claim that employers hold workers in wage slavery. They believe that “corporate” bosses force them to work in unbearable conditions at jobs they cannot quit. Adding insult to injury, the “bosses” profit from the excess value created by the workers. This form of wage slavery only occurs under “capitalism” as practiced … Continue reading Wage Slavery

Liberty or Literacy

During a recent town hall sponsored by CNN, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made the following statements and asked the following questions: “We’re very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba,” Sanders said, “but you know, it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad. When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He … Continue reading Liberty or Literacy

Review: Austrian School for Investors

I recently read Austrian School for Investors[1], because I have been a student of investing for many years, and I know a group that has read the book for discussion. Although I began the book with the anticipation of a clear explanation of the application of Austrian methodology to investing, I finished the book with … Continue reading Review: Austrian School for Investors

The Scam Called Social Security

The beauty of this Socialist Security scheme (scam) is that the government has been able to pull it off for so many years. Most people don’t actually know how it works. Earlier, I asked you to take a look at your payroll deductions. I will focus on one item that appears on nearly everyone’s paystub: … Continue reading The Scam Called Social Security

Socialist Benefits

We all like benefits but look at the intervention required to provide those benefits. If you believe that intervention only applies to other people (i.e., rich people), let’s examine that assumption. Let’s make it personal. Take a look at your last paystub. You know your “take-home” pay. Yes, that’s what you have to support your … Continue reading Socialist Benefits