Climate, Freedom, & Money

Introduction “Climate change” represents the crisis de jure. We have no choice but to accept that human activity has created a crisis level of change in the climate of the world. To deal with this crisis, we must implement an unprecedented level of government intervention. The complexity of this subject boggles the mind. How do … Continue reading Climate, Freedom, & Money

The Politics of Socialism

Even if you’re willing to ignore the economic costs, socialism brings a political cost most people — particularly in America — would find unacceptable. Socialism eventually leads to the loss of liberty and tyranny. In previous posts, I've explained the impracticality of socialism as an economic system. We cannot deliver full value to workers when … Continue reading The Politics of Socialism

Separate Individuals

I mentioned in my previous post that only separate individuals can determine value. In this post I would simply like to add emphasis to that point. It will take on critical importance as we study other aspects of economic systems. Not shared value We frequently hear people speak of shared value (or values). In fact, individuals cannot … Continue reading Separate Individuals