The Scam Called Social Security

The beauty of this Socialist Security scheme (scam) is that the government has been able to pull it off for so many years. Most people don’t actually know how it works. Earlier, I asked you to take a look at your payroll deductions. I will focus on one item that appears on nearly everyone’s paystub: … Continue reading The Scam Called Social Security

Green New Deal – 2030

Commenting on The Green New Deal would waste my time, except for the attention some influential people have given it. It would, if passed, lead to a life of misery that would make catastrophic climate change seem like a marvelous alternative. I receive letters from strange people and strange places. Most of them, If they … Continue reading Green New Deal – 2030

The Dangers of Modern Monetary Theory

At the core of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) lies the implicit premise that the acquisition of money represents an end of itself. MMT bases its argument on what some people refer to as a "missing premise." They present a proposition that contains an unstated premise that they assume everyone accepts. Give people more money, created … Continue reading The Dangers of Modern Monetary Theory