Money Matters

I have a mission of writing a book with the title Money Matters. I had thought at one time of writing the book is a series of blog posts. I encountered three problems in the process of doing this project is blog posts. First, the ideas that I wanted to include in the book didn’t always come in the sequence that I desired. Second, I didn’t want to commit to having every single blog post as a part of the book. And third, even if I were able to address the subject matter in sequential order, the nature of blogs reverses that order, making it confusing to readers.

I have come across a better process for accomplishing this mission. I plan to use the menu function to attach blog posts that address the topic to pages I have inserted into my main menu.

Since I have just begun this process, the entries at this point will be rather rough. Expect to see nearly all of this content rewritten as time progresses.

The preliminary structure of this book consists of:

You can access the posts attached to these pages using the drop-down menu at the top.