Humans cannot be part of a collective. They must accept their individualism and responsibility for their actions. Describing Individualism The term individualism describes a metaphysical fact rather than a philosophical principle. Humans cannot give up their individuality. Despite what the collectivists would like you to believe, you will never be an inseparable part of a … Continue reading Individualism

Brief Summary of Subjective Value

The elegance of the Subjective Theory of Value lies in its 1) simplicity and 2) ubiquity. The subjective theory provides the only consistent "source" and "measure" of value in any place at any time. Brief Summary of Subjective Value Economic value has only one source: the subjective judgments of individuals. This source applies to all economic goods … Continue reading Brief Summary of Subjective Value

A Priori

Synopsis We must consider some knowledge as a priori. We can derive that knowledge only by using reason. Always test what people tell you about economic systems with reason. When you think about it, you will realize why government control and socialism cannot work effectively and efficiently. A Priori I consider myself lucky that I … Continue reading A Priori