Quitting Facebook

I have had it with Facebook.

I joined Facebook nearly ten years ago. I thought it would offer a place to converse with friends, family, and others of varying points of view. I could join or follow people or groups that interested me whether I agreed with them or not. I also could set up my own pages that would allow people to follow the content I posted here on WordPress. All of that has changed.

As a private company Facebook has every right to decide who uses their platform. But, I don’t want to use a service that restricts with whom and about what I may converse. Thus, I have decided to terminate my membership at Facebook as of the end of January.



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Jim Quits Facebook

This post also allows me to demonstrate the use of one of the silly blocks now available on WordPress: the countdown clock you see above. (Practice for the blogging course in which I participate.)

I encourage anyone using Facebook now, who wishes to pick their acquaintances and conversations to quit Facebook soon.

What size is the font?

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