Hello: My First Post

I call this my first post, although it’s the first post in name only. I can’t remember when I started this blog site, but my posting has been rather sporadic. One of my objectives in taking the Blogging for Beginners course is to help me develop some posting consistency.

I think you can tell by the title of this blog site that I plan to write primarily about free markets. I want to help readers understand that “free markets” consist of more than just an economic concept. The process of living life and getting through the day consists of numerous exchanges — e.g., we exchange getting up with staying in bed, we exchange eating breakfast with going hungry, we exchange going to work with having the necessities of life. And so these exchanges proceed throughout the day.

We engage in most exchanges voluntarily, without the intervention of outside influence or force. External forces, however, subject many of our ordinarily voluntary exchanges to varying degrees of intervention. I define “free markets” as markets free of outside intervention.

Free markets tend to be effective and efficient — they tend to give us what we want while using the least amount of resources. Intervention distorts markets and reduces effectiveness and efficiency. Intervention creates artificial costs for both producers and consumers.

Understanding free markets and their benefits has become more critical recently. The trend toward more and more intervention in markets will have a detrimental effect on all producers and consumers.

With this blog and the accompanying website, I hope to help people understand the real nature of free markets and to see the damage interventionists do to the people they purport to help.

I want to clarify that, although most intervention comes from government, I do not intend to write a political blog. I want to focus on the economic effects caused by the erosion of our liberty.

Finally, I want to note that in rebuilding this blog, I have many pages that are either rough drafts or incomplete. Filling out those pages represents one of my missions in taking this course.

2 thoughts on “Hello: My First Post

  1. Good job! Your blog’s infrastructure is excellent; all the elements are connected and cohesive. Not sure I agree politically however in light of your rather strong opinions on non-government intervention being the most optimal: especially now given this cascade of economic fallout from the pandemic. You sound like a man who has never felt hungry or feared being homeless You are very lucky to be so comfortable and worry free.

  2. It will be refreshing to read information about economics with little or no political focus! Freedom and free markets are important to me.

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